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With their deceptive website, the page with plan choices defaults to yearly button clicked, when you scroll over the plans it gives you monthly pricing,even when yearly button is clicked. Plans are listed where yearly button is at top of page, out of sight, so looks like youre paying a monthly fee, with yearly button clicked.

Then after they steal your $479 you try to contact customer service, its non- existant. Guess what , they have a no refund policy on business plan that they dont tell you about? What reputable service has a no refund policy?? Its usually money back guarantee, oh yeah service sucks and video is jittery!

Thieving bastards at drobbox need a us attorney to put their *** in jail!! Keep complaining, nobody likes being stole from!!!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Dropbox Website.

Reason of review: Problems with payment.

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Same thing happened to me, they stole $750.00 x 2, for $1,500.00 total. And no refund, spent an hour on the phone with one of their "customer support" agents.

May as well been talking to a robot, they wouldn't work with me on the fraudulent charges at all. Basically this company is a fraud for those, like me, who made an honest mistake when ordering.

There are other file upload services that are available besides this *** company.

Been looking into attorney to handle the issue but not sure if they could help.

Only option is complaint to FTC at this point. Thank lobbyist on behalf of companies like this for passing the law shielding these companies and leaving consumer exposed to theft with no legal recourse.


I too have been conned and had over £200 stolen from my account over a 2 year period when I wasn't well and caring for my wife who was recovering from cancer and coping with bi polar..I accidentally subscribed for a business trial package which I thought Id cancelled and forgot all about it. There were no emails from then saying they were debiting my account every month for £7.99 I tried for several weeks to get my money back when I discovered the bills without a single month being refunded.

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