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I have thought to upgrade to pro, but with unhelpfulness like this that is unlikely. Now I see I have to write a whole 100 word essay, that will make it even less likely. Forgotten password -- write a second time -submit. receive iphome message of successful change -- try to download document on e-mail -- get told password is invalid. Go crazy. Submit this complaint and (apparently) have failed to rave on long enough. Blah, blah, blah, blah,...
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I uploaded my photos to dropbox because I wanted a safe back up. I just received an email saying they deleted my account and my pictures will be deleted. There is no way to contact them to try and get my pictures. The reason... i haven't used them in a year. Yeah, because it was full! How am i supposed to keep using them for more uploads if they don't give you much room??? Never again! Avoid dropbox. They don't care if families lose their...
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I cancelled my account with Dropbox over a year ago because their service was unsatisfactory and customer service non-existent. They started charging my credit card again for $99 on May 2016 and again on June 2016 for $99. Their Pro account equals $8.25 per month X 12 months = $99. In other words they were charging me annual payments per month. Sent emails and proof of cancellation and they still refused to credit my card. They do not...
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I reluctantly opened a Dropbox acct in order to get photos from a photographer. I understood the acct was about $9/month and I was in for less than a month when they stole $750! from PayPal acct. Of course they are not answering their 888 phone number, what a surprise. So now I have paid the photographer separately for these photos AND Dropbox is paid an additional fee for each photo? How is that right? I've filed fraud against them and Paypal....
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I didn't like
  • Unauthorized auto paymnt
I've had Dropbox for several years. A week or two ago I started noticing something was off with my windows 7 explorer folder navigation on my Lenovo X230T. I would save a file to the Downloads folder and find the navigation spontaneously ending up in Dropbox - pretty annoying. There was still a separate Users/Downloads folder that had all my files so I didn't think much of it. Today, I realized that everything in my Users/Downloads folder...
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